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All IT related components are available here. This is the popular shop in Dinajpur.

~ Md Atikur Rahaman Atik


Nice place for computer accessories. Best computers related items

~ Shahinur Islam


This is one of the best computers shop in this city.. People easily can buy Computers and components.

~ Imzamam Haque


They are very professional to handle the customer and serve well with smiling face. I am very much satisfied.

~ Md Hasan Mamun


Well known & Reliable. Good place for buying computer/laptop stuffs.

~ Mir Mahib


IT product world forever more you can get anything for your daily life which you use to make easy your work by IT device

~ Shakil Hamza


One of the best renowned and qualified computer selling shop in Dinajpur. It also supplies computer related accessories and parts with reasonable rates.

~ Rouf Abdur


One if the Best computer Accessories seller.

~ Avindra bhattacharyya


Nice Shop, Service Quality is So Good. They are operating almost for two decades.

~ Rajiuzzaman Rokon

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