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Best Quality SSD in Bangladesh | Best SSD Price in Bangladesh

If you are looking for the best quality SSD in Bangladesh, then you are at the right place. Solid State Drive or SSD is a very popular form of storage nowadays. Also, it’s used as an alternative form of HDD. The main features of SSD are very fast, reliable, and better performance. Generally, there are two types of SSD as internal desktop and portable and the price of SSD mainly depends on the capacity and cache. In addition, SSDs don’t come up with any moving parts, making them much easier to use and durable. NAND flash memory is used in SSD for storing files and also a controller unit is used to store data efficiently which can process data at very faster speeds.

Types of SSD?

Basically, there are 3 types of SSD which are SATA Controller SSD, SATA Controller M2 SSD, and NVME Controller M2 SSD. If you are looking for the best SSD price in Bangladesh, then you’d need to know and understand the three different types of SSD first.

  1. SATA Controller SSD: This type of SSD is much faster than a general hard disk for Windows loading time. It can process a lot of work at once without making it slower. In addition, it has almost no failure rate in an operation. The speed depends on the storage capacity, so the speed increases once the storage is increased. SATA Controller SSD can process up to 650 MB of data per second.
  2. SATA Controller M2 SSD: This type of SSD is mostly used on laptop devices because of its compact size. In addition, the Windows loading time and speed is almost equal to SATA controlled SSD.
  3. NVME Controller M2 SSD: The Windows loading time of NVME Controller M2 SSD is the fastest, so the price is also a bit higher than others as well as compact in size so they can be used more in laptops and desktop devices. Generally, this type of SSD is almost 4 times faster than a normal SSD.

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